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Re-employing Remploy Project 2

112 Years of service!

We reported earlier in the year the work DENW was doing to support those ex Remploy workers in Preston. [see here:   http://www.disability-equality.org.uk/what-we-do/re-employing-remploy-project-1/70] .   The Office for Disability Issues and the DWP have asked us to continue this project for another 6 months.

During the short time we have provided this support DENW opted for a “whole organisation” approach providing the participants with an access route into all our services within safe, supported and flexible group sessions.


The project’s main objectives were to enable the participants to increase: 

  • Self Esteem and confidence

  • Skills and knowledge

  • Use and awareness of social and community activities

  • Employability and help them find paid work

After some difficulties in contacting them we were in touch with nine ex-employees and worked consistently with six.

Outcomes have all been positive across the three goals listed above.

Most significantly, all reported feeling more confident and more able to deal with moving into other work. In fact, three of the group have now found other work and two have taken up meaningful volunteering.   All feel more connected to community activities and resources and more confident about seeking advice and further training in the future.

One highlight was the history project which the group did to raise awareness of what the Remploy factories did and the history of supported employment . They worked with Lancashire Archives and the Sound archives to record and store information for future generations and local historians. This information was disseminated throughout Preston and people were invited to attend an exhibition and to learn more.


This was a small piece of work done within the project but is one that generated lots of interest and so could be built upon in the future.

DENW has benefited too from the work as we have now established more effective links with agencies such as Remploy, Ingeus and our local Job Centre staff.

It has also enabled to us to develop a model of support which could be used for other disabled people.

We will publish our full report later in the year.

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