Big Lottery Funded Disability Hate Crime Project

Disability Equality NW have been awarded Big Lottery Funding for the Developing From The Negatives Project (DFN)

What is the DFN?

Developing from the Negativesí project aims to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime and encourage reporting.

What is a Hate Crime?

Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that personís actual (or assumed):

  • disability
  • race or ethnicity
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender identity

This can be committed against a person or property. In fact, anyone could be a victim of a hate crime.

Hate crimes and incidents hurt; they can be confusing and frightening. By reporting them when they happen to you, you may be able to prevent these incidents from happening to someone else. 

There are many ways you can report a hate crime, whether as a victim, witness or worried individual.

Reporting a Hate Crime

1 - Contact Developing from the Negatives by phone, email or calling in to see us

- You can speak to the police in confidence. You do not have to give your details. Contact by phone or visit your local police station Emergency - call 999 or 112 or Non emergency - call 101                                      

If you cannot make voice calls, you can now contact the 999 emergency services by SMS text from your mobile phone. You will onlybe able to use this service if you have registered with emergency SMS first (contact us to find out how)

- You can report online and can also download the self-reporting form and send this to your local police force. Visit  www.report-it.org.uk/your_police_force

Developing From The Negatives

Come and talk to a member of our dedicated staff.  You do not even need to give personal details if you do not want to and reports will be treated in strictest confidence.


Disability Equality (nw) Ltd.

103/4 Church St. Preston PR1 3BS

Telephone: 01772 558863 ext 2

Text: 07761 008349

Email: developingfromnegatives @disability-equality.org.uk#

A "Third Party Reporting Centre" means that you can report experience of hostility or hatred against them without having to contact the police.  Many people are worried about becoming involved in investigations which may follow and Third Party Reporting Centres can give you support and advice and also report the incident anonymously to the Police for you.

Reporting is vital as it allows the Police to find out what is happening and where.   [For instance, we found that here in Preston the bus station was identified as a place where learning disabled people felt unsafe and the police have acted with more effective monitoring and response].

The national organisation True Vision host an excellent website called Report It (use the link below).  It has a wide range of resources and contact details.  You can also report hate crime directly to them using a simple "button".  There is a mobile phone app as well to download.





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