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Becoming a member is free, and helps to keep you up to date with Events, News etc.

The Disability Equality NW newsletter containing Local, Regional and National Information will be sent out to you free of charge on a quarterly basis.

DENW is a user led organisation and all members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and elect the Board of Trustee's.

There are three types of membership, as outlined below:


This is for individual disabled people who live in the North West of England.

As an individual member you will be sent our organisational newsletter, Access to all our services, Invitations to events, have your own voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and the opportunity to become a trustee yourself or to vote or nominate other people as trsutees and help decide who runs the organisation. Remember it's free, and it's an opportunity to gain information about events and news articles.


Open to disabled people's organisation's i.e those whose governing document states that the majority (at least 51%) of the trustees must be disabled people - and whose overall objective is to 'further the human rights of disabled people'.


For any individual, disability groups or organisations which have specialist knowledge, experience or skills which are relevant to the Organisation. Carers, advocates, parents and guardians.

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