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Posted by Des Butler on Tue 12/05/15. Listed in Disability Equality NW news

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Preston Learning Disability - Election Hustings

Posted by Mark Buckley on Thu 30/04/15. Listed in Disability Equality NW news

PLDF organised a very well attended meeting with local candidates from several political parties.  All who were invited attended (except the Lib Dems).

The link below is a written summary of the responses they gave to a series of agreed questions. 

Beneath this is a link to our YouTube site where you can listen to the candidate's responses.

Here are some timings to guide you want to listen to particular answers to the questions put to the candidates.

Preston LD Hustings -: timings for each Q and answer

  • About the NHS - health:  starts at 1 min 50 secs (1.50)

  • About mental health & help with challenging behaviours (starts at 11 mins  54 secs)

  • Benefits and unemployment system  (starts 19 mins 58 secs)

  • About work (starts 29 mins 05 secs)

  • About the Justice system: (starts 36 mins 0 secs)

  • About Cuts to local authority funds: (starts 46 mins 35 secs)

  • What is your connection with Preston and if elected what will you do for Preston? (starts 51 min 23 secs)

  • I'm concerned about immigration that there aren't enough doctors, dentists and facilities. (starts 56 mins 51 secs)

  • What will you do to reduce barriers and include all people for example I'm deaf. (starts 1hr 03 mins 30 secs)

  • Will you pledge to take the current Green paper No Voice Unheard No Right Ignored  into law (starts 1 hr 09mins 33 secs)

  • Will you pledge not to reduce the Carers allowance?  (starts 1 hr 10 mins 23 secs)

What the Candidates said...

Audio recording of the hustings

Human Rights Workbook

Posted by Mark Buckley on Mon 23/03/15. Listed in Disability Equality NW news


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